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Platform & Battery

At the heart of every Lupa is our skateboard chassis. It houses our engine, suspension, intelligent battery management system, and thermal systems. All below the height of the wheels.


 You can buy your Lupa with or without battery. We all know that what makes the electric car more expensive is the battery. That’s why if you buy a Lupa with a battery and over the years you want to change it for another new model, you can continue using your battery and buy the new car much cheaper.

The other car can be sold second-hand without a battery and the buyer can buy a new battery on our website.



Compact Unit

The electric motor, power electronics and transmission are combined in a compact unit directly powering the vehicle’s axle. This aids in making electric drives less complex but simpler. Additionally, the powertrain becomes more compact and more efficient.

Fewer Parts =
Less Breakdown

Better for your work. When you make stuff simple, less stuff breaks. Fewer parts not only mean lower maintenance costs but also less breakdown and more time on road being productive and predictable.


Home charging

Whether you are at home or at work, with or without specific installation, you can charge your electric car. Our charging solutions are tailored to you as you can use them in single-family homes, communities, or at work. Depending on the chosen charging installation, the charging time of the electric car will be optimized.